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The Fire Department serves the community of Menahga and the townships of Blueberry, Huntersville and Shell River. They have mutual aid with the DNR, Park Rapids, Sebeka and Wolf Lake.  They are active in the community with many pancake breakfasts and the outside dance during the Midsummer Celebration. They take an active role in the school with fire prevention and  giving the students tours of the trucks.

The Fire Department  crew includes Fire Chief Dave Kicker, Terry Berttunen, Randy Berttunen, Chad Blair, Mitch Byman, Jim Day, Justin Day, Kevin Eckhoff, Jason Haugan, Aaron Hillukka, Jim Kilmer, Luke Manderscheid, Troy Mayer, Quade Mayer, Scott Nelson, Tim Pederson, Marty Penner, Jason Phillips, Josh Phillips, Jordan Torma, John Waaraniemi, Steve West, Alden Yliniemi, and Nick Ylitalo.

To contact the Fire Department:

911 for emergencies or 218-564-4557

Fax 218-564-4612

Menahga Fire Department
PO Box C
Menahga, MN 56464


Photos provided by Mel Lockhart Photograpy.