2016 Resolutions

Resolution No. 2016-005 Approving the Quit Claim Deed from the City of Menahga to St. Mary’s Regional Health Center
Resolution No. 2016-007 Issuing a Variance from the Parking Regulations in Menahga Municipal Code 15.151.38 Off-street Parking and Loading to RSBR Investments LLC
Resolution No. 2016-009 Amending the 2016 Pay Plan
Resolution No. 2016-010 Converting Greenwood Connections and City of Menahga Positions from Salary to Hourly Compensation
Resolution No. 2016-011 Requesting City of Menahga Police Office Jacqueline Halonen be Accepted as a Member of the Public Employees Police and Fire Plan
Resolution No. 2016-012 Adopting Assessment for Unpaid Delinquent Utility Bills
Resolution No. 2016-013 Certifying the 2017 Deferred Assessments